Casper released his first novel in the Team Savv-i series at Twitter HQ in San Fransisco

The Team Savv-i series - Learning about ICT the fun way

Writing a story takes a lot of time and planning. Usually, something triggers the idea and from then on you work on it... until finally its done. 


As an educator, I experienced the impact of ICT on schools first hand. Most of it good and exciting but there was another side. Students screen obsessed, teachers struggling with new technology and parents deeply worried about the pitfalls and dangers of it all. 


In response to all this, I created an eLearning platform for Middle-Grade schools that fosters discussions about how to make good and safe use of ICT through the use of moderated forums. This work made me realize that there were no interesting books about this emerging topic available for young people. Of course, there are lots of wonderful web-based resources but no page-turning novels. So I set out to write a few. I call them edufictional adventure tales. The character-driven series will start with ten illustrated novellas for younger students and those that find reading a struggle. 

For young YA readers

The novel, Ten Secrets of the Cyberworld, is all about learning how to be safe, savvy and social online. You will learn many secrets about the Internet. This book is supported by an engaging eLearning program, which is available free for schools. It runs on the school's server and is managed by their own teachers. Parents can get involved too. 


The sequel story is called, Digital Whispers where the Team sets out to clean up the Internet. This story will teach you how to sort fact from fiction. It will also have a supporting eLearning program that makes it a wonderful themed learning tool for schools (Grades 6 to 8).


The third book, Digitally Enhanced. It deals with the increasing possibilities to enhance the physical body with technology. This book is written for Grade 8 onwards. 


Two more books are being planned in the series that will deal with tech-related issues affected older teens.

Now... a little bit about me...

I was born in the Netherlands and migrated to Australia at the age of seventeen. At James Cook University in far North Queensland, I studied marine biology and zoology and continued to do my doctorate at Queensland University. Way back in 1984, I took an elective to study computer science learning about some of the early languages. This came in handy when I was an environmental consultant specialised in habitat fragmentation. An unbelieving world was stunned when I showed on prime-time National TV that koalas  happily wandered through my wildlife underpasses. I invented special floppy-top fences that prevented wildlife from getting squashed on highways. An opportunity presented itself to get involved in making science documentaries with a team that made numerous award-winning films for TV. In 2009, the education bug bit me and I became a teacher. Just in time to see that technology was causing havoc with the illiterati that were running many schools at the time. I felt the urge...

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