Meet the Team

You may first get to know the Team on their adventures when you are at Elementary school. The portraits of the Team here are of that age. As you grow older they also move to Middle school and later to High school.  In the top picture are their avatars, which is what they look like (when they are young) travelling in the virtual world. 



Problem solver and a people person. Loves tinkering with electronics in his shed.


Quick minded, assertive and nearly unbeatable playing Savv-i quartet. Twin sister of Beamer.


Top social media communicator.

Loves going shopping with her Mom. Best friend of Izzy 


Soccer fanatic and also loves his food. He is not te best with IT, but he is funny and a great guy to have around.


The tech wiz who loves WarCraft and coding. A sore looser, especially when Izzy wins yet another quartet game.


Mysterious member of the team who lives in the cyberworld. Without him the Team would be history, but with him...

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