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Team Savv-i The Net Trap - Just completed the first draft!


This is the first story of about ten shorter (~30.000 word) illustrated novellas for 8+ readers. Each character-driven story will highlight an age relevant Internet issue.  In The Net Trap Mia gets a little obsessed with her new VR game. Lucky for her she has good friends to help her out.


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Two more Team Savv-i novellas in the making!


Team Savv-i The Mauled Mage will focus on cyberbullying and Team Savv-i The Encryptors will be about privacy and identity theft.

Team Savv-i The 10 Secrets of Cyberspace - Available now!

Tasked with doing a school project on designing a course in how to make good use of cyberspace, twins Beamer and Izzy Arora decide to kick things up a notch. Together with their small group of internet friends that call themselves Team SAVV-I, they set up a link with a remote Fijian school across the Digital Divide..

The only problem? Someone seems to be sabotaging them every step of the way!


Looks like they’ll have to team up and really get savvy if they want to figure out who, or what, is stopping them achieving their goal.


"Team Savv-i is an action-packed adventure and the twins at the centre of all the action have to figure out how to solve the mystery. If you are looking for a book that will teach kids about making good decisions and being problem solvers online, this book is the one for you. They will also learn tips on being a good digital citizen." Liv Van Ledtje

Hi I'm Izzy


Head over to our special book blog.


Mia and I created most of the posts there. Mostly about being savvy on the internet, but occasionally something different to spice it up!


In this blog are also the hidden secret messages from the book Team Savv-i The 10 Secrets of Cyberspace.



    DigCit adventure for young teens


Getting slammed, jailed, and on the verge of losing their identities. All the Team wanted to do was bridge the Digital Divide and connect with fellow students in remote Fiji! This page-turner shows you that even as a junior student you can change the world.  


Reviews for Team Savv-i The 10 Secrets of Cyberspace

Team Savv-i The 10 Secrets of Cyberspace now available in print anywhere books are sold. Get your school library to get you a copy.

"Team Savv-i takes the 9 elements of digital citizenship and brings the reader on an action-packed adventure full of mystery and suspense. The characters don’t just talk about digital citizenship, they do it!  As a mother and son digital citizenship team, we agree that Team Savv-i reminds us all that we learn best by doing things together. The ultimate goal is to empower our students to be the same person both on and offline and this is the Team Savv-i message."


Marialice B.F.X. Curran, Ph.D., Founder of the Digital Citizenship Institute and Cofounder of the Digital Citizenship Summit and Curran Dee, Chief Kid Officer (CKO), DigCitKids, USA


"This isn't another tome about heady concepts involved in digital ethics. Instead, Casper has created a rollicking read about digital citizenship, told as an adventure that should connect with Tweens everywhere. It provides a valuable, and fun, teaching tool."


Professor Emeritus Jason Ohler, author of Digital Community, Digital Citizen and The Big Ideas newsletter and co-founder of the Digital Citizenship Institute, USA


"Team Savv-i takes the reader on an adventure to discover the topics and issues of technology today.  Following the path of nine elemental areas of living in a digital society, the reader learns some important lessons of interacting with these devices.  This book helps to focus on the important needs of technology users today and into the future."


Dr Mike Ribble, Ed.D. author of Digital Citizenship in Schools and co-founder of the Digital Citizenship Institute, USA


"Team Savv-i is an action-packed adventure and the twins at the centre of all the action have to figure out how to solve the mystery. If you are looking for a book that will teach kids about making good decisions and being problem solvers online, this book is the one for you. They will also learn tips on being a good digital citizen.


The author, Casper Pieters, uses each chapter to explore ideas about digital identity. So, as kids are reading, they are learning an entire language for the internet and digital citizenship. Some of the topics are super complicated, but Pieters writes in a way that gets kids curious to know more.


What’s most interesting for me as a reader of this book is the kids are the heart of all the solutions. This book will keep your kids hooked and help them understand their digital Future.

Two thumbs up for Team Savv-i!"

Liv Van Ledtje, 11-year-old, USA


Team Savv-i The Lipizzaner Stallions launch - The sequel...


The sequel to The 10 Secrets of Cyberspace is called The Lippizaner Stallions. The Team receives their first quest from Zeno as his 3D-world emissaries. He wants them to clean up the Internet, where fake news is filling his world fast. A bit like all the plastic choking our oceans!


This new adventure will show you how to sort fact from fiction. At Amazon and elsewhere later in 2018. 

The FREE* Team Savv-i eLearning program for schools

This unique and free eLearning program is designed to foster school community discussions about safe, savvy and social use of the Internet.


Students, parents, and teachers each in their own course learn about the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship using world-class resources.


The program can be run by teachers from the school's own server ensuring maximum student data security (or a secure cloud server).

* There are some initial setup costs, including customization using the school's technology policy and corporate branding. But there are no further costs or fees once the program is installed on the school's server and can be run year in year out.

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